Every problem is an opportunity.
Medonyx Inc. is a privately owned company focused on innovative Infection Control solutions. Our team of researchers and developers are committed to moving the field of Infection Control forward with unique, simple and effective products. Medonyx was founded in 2004 with the introduction of gelFAST Original, designed to combat low hand hygiene levels observed in many hospitals. Winner of several major awards, including Canada's premier design and engineering award, the DX/National Post Award, gelFAST was clinically shown to significantly increase hand hygiene rates among clinicians. Since those promising beginnings, we have continually refined and redefined, and are proud to offer what we strongly believe to be the best products of their kind in the world.

Your problems are our favorite kind.
Do you see room for improvement in infection control? Tell us about your problems - with products, with processes, and we'll see if we can help. We love your problems, because chances are: if you are having a problem, so are your colleagues - around the country, around the world. Let our innovations team tackle your issues: contact us at or 1-866-MEDONYX.

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