gelFAST Anywear Frequently Asked Questions

As you may see, 2Go is too new to have had frequently asked questions! So here are a few we thought of ourselves. But to get really frequently asked questions, we’d love to hear from you with your questions, comments, and general feedback. Go ahead, let us know! What’s the difference between gelFAST Anywear and gelFAST 2Go?
gelFAST 2Go is a simple, clip-on antiseptic gel bottle, suited to more casual hand hygiene requirements. gelFAST Anywear is an ergonomic hand hygiene system used for the most demanding hand hygiene settings.

For fast-paced care, quickly cycling between patients, gelFAST Anywear’s ultra-fast 1-Handed gel ergonomics is the preferred way to disinfect during those high-paced moments between patients. gelFAST Anywear is ideally suited for fast-paced, high-demand high-workload areas, such as ICUs, ERs, Surgical step-downs, and other challenging environments.

gelFAST 2Go’s two-handed operation is well-suited for environments going at a more casual pace, such as clinics, physicians offices, etc. 2Go is so new, we don’t fully know all the places it will be used yet. That’s why we’d like to know: Where to you 2Go?
Let us know! Email us at
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Will the clip last?
The 2Go clip’s unique, patent pending functionality should last several hundred cycles at least – far outlasting the gel supply in the bottle. With that said, the clip is not intended for use in carrying any significant weight (even though it looks like a rock climbing clip, don’t use it for rock climbing!).
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What colors are available?
White and Charcoal. Call us for custom colors, available in higher quantities.
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Does gelFAST pose a cross-infection risk?
Leading infection experts agree that gelFAST does not pose a cross-infection risk, nor do bottles become infected. Furthermore, unlike wall-mounted pumps, each gelFAST is used by only one caregiver. And gelFAST lowers infection risk because it keeps the primary infection vector - the caregivers hands - clean.
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What type of gel is it?
After extensive research with top caregivers, gelFAST was developed to address the most stringent hospital requirements. The gel contains 70% ethyl alcohol, is unscented, and contains emollients to prevent sensitive skin from drying out. The gelFAST MSDS Sheet is available for download.
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Doesn't alcohol gel dry hands out?
High intensity hand hygiene requires high intensity gel. gelFAST contains a carefully prepared antiseptic formulation containing multiple emollients. Caregivers typically report that hands are better conditioned after extensive use.
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Is it recyclable?
The entire unit is recyclable. Just toss it into your standard plastics recycling. Simple.
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How much does it cost?
The gelFAST program is very cost competitive. With a significant increase in hand wash compliance, the program will quickly prove its cost benefit. Please use our Usage Worksheet (PDF, 389Kb) to determine the cost and savings of the gelFAST program for you.
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What infection prevention practices are endorsed by the CDC?
CDC Infection Control Guidelines: Standard Precautions
"Standard Precautions include a group of infection prevention practices that apply to all patients, regardless of suspected or confirmed infection status, in any setting in which healthcare is delivered. These include: hand hygiene; use of gloves, gown, mask, eye protection, or face shield, depending on the anticipated exposure."
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Where can I ask other questions?
Send us your questions at
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